This is just another fun and silly poem that came to mind while I was making some tea recently. Try out Black Lotus Tea's Aura of Vitality flavor, sometime. It's really tasty!

So you’re interested in magic, child?

I may know a thing or two.

But before I share a glimpse of my tricks,

There’s a thing I’d have of you.

Share a cup of tea with me,

And brew it here right now.

Choose you herbs so I can see,

How you make their powers bow.

“They’re not at all the same,” you plead?

Pray tell – how would you know?

Did you come here to learn or lead?

Should I just tell you now to go?

This wizened warlock has no time left,

To waste on arrogance and fools.

So if my sense you find bereft,

Feel free to find a different school.

Magic may seem a special thing,

But it begins as a matter of ingredients.

So stoke the fire until the kettle sings,

And get started with expedience.

When the boiled water’s steaming high,

Add in those things your heart finds fine.

Breath in the brew’s gentle sighs,

And then fill your cup and mine.

The arcane -you’ll learn- is much like this,

Though the results may be more grand.

From small bits of nothing you can conjure bliss,

And find the elements at your command.

But if you do it poorly?

Absent guiding hand and firm instruction?

You could harm the world most sorely,

With chaos charms and dark destruction.

So let’s start with a cup of tea for now,

And with patience go from there.

In time we’ll see all you can do,

With a true wizard’s love and care.