These are features, Q&As, essays, and more that I've published on Side Quest.

The Books That Weren't and the Campaign That Was

40 years of Ultima: Q&A with Richard Garriott

Q&A with Gallant Knight Game's Alan Bahr

Conan the Destroyer is my Favorite Christmas Movie

When Tea Rolls a 20: Q&A with Black Lotus Tea Co.

What Makes a Good Zelda Game (And Why it's not Skyward Sword)

Star Wars is Stupid (And There's Nothing Wrong with That)

Pandemic Play: How COVID-19 Changed Tabletop RPGs for Then and (Maybe) Forever

Green Mountain Mead: Q&A with Groennfell Meadery

Cease & Desist: Nintendo, the Games Industry, and the Practice of Shutting Down Fans

Fat Dragon Art: Q&A w/ Carolyn Smith

Skyrim Talk: Q&A w/ Lead Designer Bruce Nesmith

Zelda Metal: Q&A w/ Master Sword's Matt Farkas

Orcs, Coffee, and the Rise of Cozy Fantasy

Heroes of Cerulea: Q&A w/ Lucas Falk of Blackfisk Publishing

A (Nostalgic) Look Back on the Nintendo 64

Dungeons & Dragons Fumbles the Dice: The OGL 1.1 Controversy

How Do You Make the World's Best Clock Better?

Q&A w/ Champion Comics & Coffee's Rory Malone

Dungeon Metal: Q&A w/ Throne of Iron's Tucker Thomasson

The Trouble with Tears of the Kingdom

Star Wars TV Fixes the Movies (That's Kind of a Problem)

All Alone in the Night: Revisiting Babylon 5

Was Gundam Wing Ever Actually Good?

Sexualized Characters, Bouncing Boobs & Unicorn Overlord