The origins of this poem go all the way back to the first real D&D campaign I ran! A player -who shall remain nameless but knows who they are!- used Persuasion rolls to recruit an army of Kobolds (short lizard people, for the uninitiated). As time went on, one Kobold proved themself to be more capable than all the others.

Dubbed "Brainpoker" for their brilliant tactic of stabbing people in the head, they became a recurring character in that campaign and future ones to come! I've been thinking about writing a poem about them for some time now. I'm happy to cross that off the "to-do" list.

Kobold-hero held on high,

By the lizard-folk in song.

A champion - more than meets the eye!

Remembered still though long gone.

What raised Brainpoker above the rest?

Not your typical villain’s fodder.

He assumed a tactic (that we’d suggest!),

To make his mark on slaughter.

He devised a clever simple plan,

That filled his foes with dread.

When faced with challenger –man or beast,

He just aimed for the head!

Countless enemies fell to his deadly jab!

Succumbing to grim defeat.

In victory’s company glory nabbed.

His name a testament to his feats.

And though he fought and fell in time,

His kin still love him true.

He showed the world the small-folk’s might,

And what a clever kobold can do!