Barring a few occasions, I've had a beard consistently since the beginning of my 20s! I recently shaved it off to help my face fit better under some new masks and... I've decided I'm going to keep it this way! It was definitely an adjustment though, with some (probably too strong) feelings involved. So I figured why not have some fun with it?

Bye bye my beauty!

Bye bye my beard!

I never thought I’d see it.

The day I’d walk,

With face shorn bare.

Chin and grin stripped down to naked.

‘Tis my own wretched fault.

I know it’s true!

Proper care I never showed you.

I never cleaned out,

All the food and the mead,

And just left it to overflow you.

So now my glorious whisker braids,

Lie with the rejected refuse and dust.

Dropped to the floor to rot evermore like an axe ruined by rust.

Without your curling spindly tufts,

Do I even count,

As a dwarf anymore?

I’ll find out tomorrow,

When I arrive,

At the step of my mountain home’s door.

I’ll ask to come in,

And see what happens,

When they see my face – so forlorn.

I hope they’ll just laugh,

And not send me back on the path,

Doomed to wander the world all alone.