Who doesn't love a good stroll through a musty ancient trap-laden tomb? This is inspired by all of the great fantasy stories and adventures fueled by the age old ambition of "kill stuff for treasure!" No risk, no reward!

The first step is the hardest,

Though no more than the second, third, or fifth.

Every dire step feels perilous,

In this foreboding place of myth.

Into the shadows with swords drawn,

We take each dark inch in turn.

The dungeon’s maw is yawning wide.

No light save for our torch’s burn.

Traps and monsters or spikes and pits?

Who knows yet what we’ll find?

Surely nothing worse awaits,

Than the terrors conjured by our minds.

All we know for certain,

Is there’s no turning back from this path now.

Our only way out of this place,

Lies in these catacombs underground.

And the reward that waits for us,

When dungeon’s course leads to its end?

Will it be worth the wounds we take?

The costs born by foe and friend?

Rumor says it’s jewels and gold!

But what if the tavern tales were wrong?

What if there’s naught but an empty chest,

At the end of this wicked song?

There’s no time for doubts right now.

For around this creeping corner,

We hear the hungry maddened growl,

Of a creature keen on murder.

With bated breath we turn the bend,

Steeling hearts for destined bout.

Pray to the gods we don’t meet our end!

(And that we can find our way back out.)