When a few colleagues and I launched our little game company back in the olden days of 2016, the name we picked was "Gorgon Breath Games." There wasn't a ton of meaning behind the name, we just thought it sounded cool and could all agree on it. I still think it sounds cool and I decided the other day to play around and see what sort of rhyming fun I could have with it.

The minstrels tell tales of the Gorgon’s eyes.

Perhaps you’ve heard a few?

You might, in turn, stand surprised,

To hear what else they can (maybe) do.

It’s not the eyes, rumor says,

That provides the foulest death.

The fate that sets warriors’ fears ablaze,

Is the threat of the Gorgon’s breath.

Some say it sloughs your flesh from bone.

Some say it melts your eyes.

Some say there’s naught one threat alone,

But a roulette of grim surprise.

Others say (and they’re right),

That a Gorgon’s breath does nothing.

That the monstress sought to stir up fright,

And employed a round of bluffing.

Hungry for gold and glory;

Pesky folk knocking at her door.

To dissuade them with false story,

The Gorgon prefers much and more.

So a tale she spun like a spider’s web,

To scare off the brave and bold.

To whittle away courage’s last eb,

And expand on legends old.

For the Gorgon is not some evil beast;

Wicked kin to the devil’s own.

She just wants to enjoy her evening’s peace,

And spend less time sweeping crumbled stone.