The Player Characters are on the road when they’re stopped by a pack of kobolds! The kobolds aren’t here for trouble, however. They’re here to ask the PCs’ help!

The kobolds have recently developed a taste for their new favorite food: Magical Honeycrisp Apples.

They came across a supply of them, but they’ve recently run out! They know where to find some more, however: in the forest nearby.

“We would go ourselves but we’re too busy setting up our new cave.”

In truth, they know that the apple grove is guarded by a Treant.

Assuming the PCs agree, the Kobold’s will offer them a reward in exchange for their assistance.

Truly a glorious forest!

The GM can begin by reading the following:

You and your friends are walking along the road on your way to the next village. It’s a bright and sunny day. You and your friends are looking forward to a town full of friendly faces and fresh adventures.

All of the sudden, you follow road around a bend and come face to face with a pack of Kobolds! The small lizard creatures stare at you with scaly faces and serpent eyes. Each one of them is holding a small sword.

One of them steps toward you…

The GM should ask the PCs what they want to do. If they attack the Kobolds, the creatures will dramatically throw down their weapons and promise “they meansses no harmsss!”

They explain that they’re looking for the help of “experienced fighter folkses” to help them secure a fresh batch of Magical Honeycrisp Apples.

Once the PCs agree, the Kobolds will guide them to a hidden trail at the edge of the forest.

“Follow the path and you’ll find the apples! Bring us back a basket-full and we’ll give you treasuresses.”

Obstacle # 1

The PCs will follow the path for a time. After they’ve walked a few miles into the woods, however, the path will start to grow thinner and disappear. The GM can read the following:

You start to feel nervous. The Kobold’s didn’t say anything about the path disappearing. You can something sweet in the air, though… It almost smells like apples… Should you turn back or continue onward?

Assuming the PCs decide to continue, have the PCs perform a Perception DC. If they roll a 14 or higher, they’ll notice something moving through the brush. It’s living vines!

The PCs who notice will avoid the vines. The PCs who fail the DC will get wrapped up by the vines. The vines will start to drag them away. The luckier PCs can free their friends with an attack roll of 8 or higher.

Once all the PCs are freed, they can continue on into the forest.

Face the wrath of the Treant!

Obstacle # 2 (Prime Obstacle)

Eventually the PCs will reach a small orchard of apple trees. The GM can read the following to continue:

As you continue you through the forest, the scent of apples grow stronger. You follow your nose until you reach a place where the talls oaks of the forest are replaced by squat apple trees.

Bright red apples hang high up in the branches. You can see plenty of appies on the ground too! In the middle of the orchard is the biggest looking tree you’ve ever seen…

Have the PCs perform a Perception DC. Anyone who rolls a 10 or higher will notice the giant tree is breathing and moving. It’s not actually a tree: it’s a Treant!

The Treant guards the apple grove and will attack anyone who tries to steal the Magical Honeycrisp Apples.

The Treant is a formidable foe! If the PCs choose to fight it, they’ll have quite a battle on their hands. They could try to distract it while some of their friends get apples. They could also try to sneak past the Treant and snatch up some apples without ever being seen.

As long as the PCs bring back four apples, the Kobolds will reward them with the promised treasure.


HP: 60

AC: 12

Multi-attack (Two Per Round)


Bash: 1d8 (Range 5 Feet)

Branch Throw: 1d6 (Range 20 Feet)

Chew & Spit: 1d6 (Range 5 Feet, Target must perform a competing Strength roll against the Treant. If the target fails, the Treant pops them into its mouth and chews on them. It spits them out at the beginning of its next turn.)

Use a straight D20 with no bonuses for the Treant’s attacks, dice checks, Initiative, Perception, etc.