We’ve come to the end of January and I decided it might be worth doing a round up for the month’s content, as well as provide a glimpse of what I might be doing in February.

In January 2021, I wrote and posted four new poems.

· Battle Axe

· Crow in the Tree

· In a Cave There Dwells

· Maiden of Snow

If you’ve already read Maiden of Snow, I’d recommend popping back in to take a second look. I realized after my initial publication that I forgot to post up one stanza from the .Doc file I originally typed it up in. I added that extra section back in and the poem is now complete.

I also wrote two opinion pieces in January:

· What Makes a Good Zelda Game (And Why it’s Not Skyward Sword)

· Star Wars is Stupid (And There’s Nothing Wrong with That)

I’m apparently a fan of parentheses! These were a shift of pace from the Q&A pieces that I posted in December and I had a lot of fun writing them, although it took me a lot more effort to write out my thoughts for the Star Wars editiorial than I expected. It’s always fun when something you expect to be 500 words tops grows into 1,000.

For February, I’m planning more poems and I’m working on a few feature style piece. Those are going to take a bit of time as I’m assembling research, interviews, etc.

I’m also working on the first chapter of what I hope will be an ongoing fiction project I can post and share with you guys, chapter by chapter! It’s going to be called The Useless Cleric and while it’s not going to be anything groundbreaking, I’m hoping it should be a fun enough fantasy story.

Who knows, maybe having people to share it with will help me actually finish it. As opposed to my usual fiction-writing process of “write 1,000 words, throw hands up in despair, delete, repeat.” I’m closing in on 3,000 words, so we’ll see. No promises!

I think I’ve said this to each of you individually already but thank you all again for your support! Whether you’re a free follower or a paid subscriber, I appreciate it. Just knowing there are folks seeing my stuff is a big motivator to keep doing it.

And some special thanks to Carolyn Smith, who has been doing all the art accompanying my poetry! She does great work and I’d really encourage you guys to check out her Redbubble shop and see if she has anything you might like.

Have a great February everyone!