I recently had the opportunity to run a pair of "Little D&D" game sessions at the Dorothy Alling Memorial Library in Williston, VT. These game session were aimed simplified adventures aimed at children ages 6-8. We had a lot of fun, thanks in no small part to a great crowd of enthusiastic players! I thought it couldn't hurt to share the adventures I wrote up for these games, in case anyone else is looking for something to play with their own youngsters!


The wizard Avelenor recently finished setting up a new wizard’s tower. He cast a spell to help him keep things clean and wound with an unexpected case of Dust Sprites! His magic backfired, creating a pack of miniature Dust Sprites that have been making a home out of his precious tower.

He finally decided that the only way to get rid of the Dust Sprites was to set them up with a new home. Avelenor found a cave in the nearby countryside that’s dusty, messy, and perfect for a pack of hungry Dust Sprites. The only problem? He’s too busy to guide them there himself. He’s hired a group of adventurers to lead the Sprites to their new home!

The path to the Dust Sprites’ new home could be more perilous, however, than a simple walk in the woods…

Adventure Summary

The PCs agree to help Avelenor by leading the Dust Sprites to the new home he’s found for them. This will require a walk through a dark forest and crossing a river over a rickety bridge. There might also be a few Kobolds to contend with!

This adventure is designed for young players just learning the ropes of role-playing. It includes three encounters designed to challenge players in problem-solving, teamwork, and turn-based combat.

This game should only be about an hour in length. The challenges can be modified, added, and subtracted as needed.

The Game Master can read the following to get started:

You and you are your friends on the road, making your way toward the famous tower of the Wizard Avelenor.

Why are you walking so far on such a lovely day? You found a job posting that he’d left in the last town:

“HELP WANTED! Adventurer’s needed to clear my home of monsters and pests! Gold reward! Come to the Wizard’s Tower near Goldhorse Creek.”

After long hours of walking, you arrive at Avelenor’s tower. The stone building is so tall that it rises high above the tips of the nearby trees.

You can see the shape of a person walking back and forth through a window at the top of the tower – waving their arms in frustration.

You walk up to the tower’s door and see a metal tube poking out of the wall next to it. You can hear the echo of a man’s voice coming from the tube.

“Consarned and cursed things! Get off of my desk! Get out of the beakers! No, not the books!”

Ask one of the players what they want to do. The door is locked (Lockpicking DC 10), but if they speak into the tube, the wizard will respond.

He’ll demand to know who they are. If they tell him they’re here responding to the ad, he’ll excitedly invite them up.

The Game Master can read the following:

You hear a click, and the door to the tower swings open. You step inside and climb the winding stairs until you reach the top of the door.

Passing through another door, you step into a large round room that’s one part home, one part library, and one part laboratory. Books fill tall shelves, and a work table is filled with glass jars, magical ingredients, and scrolls with instructions.

The room is also filled with Dust Sprites! A dozen of the small coal-colored creatures are bouncing around the room, squeaking softly with every fresh bounce.

“Praise the Gods that you’ve come! My home is infested with these… creatures! I need you to get rid of them! Quickly, they’ve been getting in the way of my work! There’s no time to lose!”

Avelenor will offer the PCs a Stone of Soot. The Dust Sprites are attracted to dirt and filth and will follow the stone once it’s active. The stone only works for a few hours, though, so the PCs will need to move quickly.

(The GM can make up magic words to activate the Stone of Soot. The sillier the better!)

He has found a tunnel network nearby where he thinks the Dust Sprites will be happy. He just needs someone to guide them there.

The big baddies of this game sessions were a squad of Kobolds, AKA: Dungeons & Dragon's favorite low level cannon fodder. 

About Avelenor

Avelenor is an aging wizard and lifelong scholar. While he is obsessed with his work and committed to magical and scientific discovery, he isn’t mean or cruel.

He wants the Dust Sprites gone, but he’s not keen on hurting them. He actually has spells that could obliterate the Dust Sprites easily if he wanted to.

About the Dust Sprites

The Dust Sprites are friendly creatures that feed on dust, cobwebs, and other bits of small refuse. People sometimes capture and use them to keep their homes clean. The only problem is that they don’t like to leave once they get comfortable.

Avelenor will promise the PCs a bag of gold coins if they complete the job. Once the PCs accept, they can activate the stone and start leading the Dust Sprites out of the tower.

Avelenor will give the PCs directions to lead them to the cave. Their path leads them north away from the tower, back onto the road, across a river, and through a forest.

Obstacle #1

The PCs lead the Dust Sprites north onto the road. The Dust Sprites bounce along behind the PCs, squeaking all the way. After they’ve traveled for a while, have them perform a Perception DC (15). If anyone succeeds, they’ll notice something odd in the middle of the road. This is a Concealed Pit Trap! If anyone steps on it, they’ll fall in and take two damage.

After the PCs fall in, 4-6 Kobolds will emerge from the bushes to rob the party. The Kobolds will retreat after a few of them are knocked out.

Obstacle #2

After the Kobold ambush, the PCs will follow the road for a bit longer until they reach a bridge. The river isn’t moving fast here, but the water is deep, and the bridge is old and rickety.

Have the PCs perform a Perception DC (10). Any PCs who pass will notice the bridge's condition, giving them an opportunity to prepare.

When the PCs reach the bridge’s midpoint, the supports underneath will break, and the bridge will start to come apart. Have the PCs roll a Reflex DC (10). PCs who notice the bridge’s condition will get Advantage on the roll.

The Dust Sprites will start to float away on a section of the bridge. The PCs have to save them and get across the river!

The Cave

After successfully crossing the river, the PCs and the Dust Sprites travel a little further before finally arriving at the cave.

The Game Master can read the following:

You follow the road for several miles more, the Dust Sprites hopping happily along behind you. It turns, eventually, into a small forest. The trees rise up alongside you, blocking the sun with long shadows that can dim the world around you.

Just as promised by Avelenor, the path leads to an abandoned quarry and the opening to a cave. Just outside the cave, you see what looks like a small campfire surrounded by tiny figures.

Have the PCs roll a Perception DC (10). Any characters who succeed will identify the people around the campfire as the same Kobolds that ambushed them earlier!

If the Dust Sprites are going to make a safe home in the cave, the Kobolds will have to be dealt with… one way or another!


Once the PCs have settled the Dust Sprites in their new home, the Game Master can describe them returning to Avelenor. The wizard will reward them with a bag of gold and a hearty thanks!

I actually did have a bag of gold for the kids at the end. There just happened to be chocolate inside the coins!