A short poem I wrote up while sitting on the front porch, watching the wind knock flower petals off a nearby. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons, so they tend to get the brain wheels spinning.

Petals slip like snow from the sky

Of the Winter season gone by.

Settling down on the budding green ground,

Knocked free by the Spring wind's sweet sigh.

I watch on my porch as they slowly descend

From the boughs of the neighboring tree.

Slipping away down to earthlier ends

Amidst the humble hum of the bees.

It saddens to think that in a few near-drawn days,

Those branches will soon be stripped bare.

That the white blooming flowers and the cool month of May

Will vanish like wisps on the air.

That each day grows warmer is solace, I think

For the small pleasures invariably lost.

The passage of Spring brings new waves of green;

A small price for a fresh start - this cost.