This is a bit of a departure of my usual fantasy fare. I don't think I'm the only parent who dreads the endless process of getting their kids ready to go somewhere - school being the number one culprit.

I was thinking about that today and jotted this down while my younger kiddo was in their swim lesson. I think it gets across the chaos of getting little people to do things, as well as the mixed feelings of love and frustration that rest at the core of being a parent.

I’ll cause bodily harm

To this god-damned alarm

If it scolds me awake one time more.

The scorn in your eyes (then)

Should be no surprise

When I urge you from bed to your floor.

Like fool headless fowl

We rush to and fro,

As the morning minutes race by.

Making breakfasts and lunch.

"Please faster dears - munch!"

Can’t you see the frayed wits in my eyes?

"Yes, you need socks!"

"I’ll throw out those damned Crocs,

If you wear them again in the snow!"

"Where are your pants?"

"No there’s no time to dance!

We were late five minutes ago!"

After five MORE minutes

Of inconceivable chaos,

We finally trudge out the door.

You whine and you moan:

“Papa don’t make us go!”

“You have to!” “I hate you!” “I know…”

Buckled and fastened

Inside our steel steed

We at last find the will to depart.

Hot tempers cool

And I leave you at school,

Knowing there’s no one I love more in my heart.