Just a quick poem I threw together over the past day! Sometimes you just want to write about Skyrim!

With awe-struck words and tavern bards’ tongues,

The Nords tell you -they tell you!- the Dragonborn’s come.

And greeting the hero? A thunderous call from on high.

The stewards of Hrothgar bellow their summoning cry.

The dragons have returned from barrow and grave.

Only with Dovahkiin’s might can all Skyrim be saved.

With sword, will, and cunning – brave the mountain’s cruel cold.

Follow the Seven Thousand Steps path to lost wisdom of old.

At the peak of the Throat of the World they will stand,

The Greybeards with knowledge and destiny in hand.

With aurora overhead in the dark midnight sky,

Master the Thu’um so Alduin might soon die.

Old Twilight God flying high on scaled wings,

Spewing death and destruction when his dragon shouts ring.

Only the Dragonborn can save us – for this time and all.

Embrace your destiny and fight for Alduin’s fall.

Climb the Seven Thousand Steps and let your quest begin.

Pay no heed to the wolf’s howl or biting chill of the wind.

You are the one – drawn by the call of ancient fates.

Sent to end this calamity before it’s too late.