Before this poem, I'd already written three "seasonal maiden" pieces. One for Fall, Winter, and Spring. It only made sense to cook another one up and have a poem for all four!

That being said? This was actually a tougher one for me. I really struggled with finding an angle to approach this from. I usually start writing these on paper by hand. I went through five or six full pages -filled with crossed off lines and squiggle marks!- before I finally landed on the path to see this project through! I hope you enjoy the finished product.

Her laughter is what first drew me,

If you’d have me true confess.

A sound as warm as the summer sun,

And as gentle as its caress.

I left my well-trod fate behind,

To find her winding way.

A blossoming path in a fragrant wood,

That stretched on longer than I can say.

It led me to a sunny pool,

Fed by honeyed golden falls.

The water was deep and fresh and cool,

Offering respite from all my woes.

I cannot say how long I tarried,

Before she graced me with her guise.

Golden-haired with a beaming smile.

Peace and comfort in her eyes.

She bid me stay and so I stayed,

And ever shall remain.

Slumbering beneath skies filled with fireflies.

Waking to endless summer days.