I have been writing basically since I could I hold a pencil. I know there's a lot of writers who say that, and it's true for a lot of us, but that is how it started with me.

I still have composition notebooks from when I was in elementary school, filled with stories about heroes with silly names like "Stone Man." I can still remember going into third grade with a story I'd written, and making my class listen to it as I awkwardly shared the entire thing.

I remember the hours I spent in eight grade, lying on my floor with a now primitive laptop, typing out the 110,000 word novel and feeling sure that it would be my opus. It was terrible, of course. A lot of the things I've written have been.

But I've also a lot of good things, too! I'm proud of a lot of the writing I've done and I continue to write things today that I want to share with people. While I do have some professional avenues for that, my hope is for Side Quest to become a place for my writing to live.

What can you expect from your time here? I'm a huge nerd and you shouldn't be surprised if you run into content with ties to fantasy, science fiction, video games, Star Wars, tabletop RPGs, and basically anything else that you would have picked on for in school back in the 1990s.

While I do write some fiction, those pieces tend to be slower going for me. I do write more poetry though, and I hope you'll enjoy the work I do in that realm.

Whatever brought you here and however long you stay, I hope you found something you enjoyed. I really appreciate you stopping by.